Senin, 14 Februari 2011

anak rumahan, bispak

CenterPoint Properties and the Kansas City Southern Railway Company have partnered together to develop an intermodal logistics park in Kansas City, Missouri. The CenterPoint-KCS Intermodal Center will feature an approximately 370-acre intermodal facility operated by KCSR and an approximately 970-acre industrial park developed by CenterPoint Properties.

The shuttered Richards Gebaur Airport - a former U.S. Air Force base - currently sits on a majority of the site. Commencing immediately, Phase I of the redevelopment plan will include ground remediation, building demolition and infrastructure/utility installations to prepare the site for up to 5 million square-feet of warehouse and distribution facilities.
Kansas City’s ideal location at the intersection of the nation’s freight transportation network has positioned the area to become a significant distribution hub for international trade. As import and domestic traffic volumes continue to grow from both Mexico and Canada, CenterPoint- KCS Intermodal Center will become an economically viable location for a variety of distribution-related customers. Direct rail service by the KCSR from the Mexican Port of Lazaro Cardenas provides shippers with the fastest route to the geographic center of the country.

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